🙂 Hi, I'm an English teacher and I teach English online using cool methods like podcasting, community learning, English through football, board games, and role plays.

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The ULTIMATE SOLUTION to English mastery without living in an English-speaking country, without working with English-speaking people, and without having lots of English-speaking FRIENDS.

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This is what you get in my "English through  Role Plays" online group course:

4-10 participants in group

6 x 80-minute online lessons

Useful vocabulary taught in context

fun themes like crime, relationships, animals, etc.

A Lot of speaking practise via funny role plays

error correction feedback

price now: 60 

👉 The next course starts whenever there are enough people interested.  Invite your friend, and you might get a discount :) 

To join, email me at teacherzdenek@gmail.com.

You can also hire me as your English teacher. Book weekly 1to1 lessons with me. These are conversation-based, and I'll be helping you with your fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. 

Here is information about my other course.