Board Games Course

Your problem is that you find it difficult to talk to people in English, especially those you don't know well and also native speakers.

Most English classes you've taken were boring. Your English teachers used grammar translation methods, outdated course books, and spoke your first language during the lessons. And the worst thing was they didn't even seem to enjoy their job.

You are trapped in a vicious circle. You feel inadequate when communicating with high level English speakers, especially if they're natives. Your lack of confidence turns conversations in English into nightmares. As a result, you have a negative attitude to learning English in general, and you lose your motivation.

Believe me you are not alone! I've been there myself. English is not my first language and I know how you feel.

What if I told you I can introduce you to a cool hobby where you could practise your English every day. With my help, you will gain confidence and lose fear to talk to people in English including native speakers. You will enjoy yourself playing games and learn English through them. You will experience a unique method of learning English. You will improve your negotiation skills, expand your vocabulary, refine your pronunciation, and learn useful functional language.

Let me be our guide, your mentor, and your friend. Let me help you discover the world of board games. I will teach you the basic gaming vocabulary and clarify its pronunciation. I will explain the rules of some really popular modern board games to you making it easier to get into the hobby. You will learn English with me and others, and we will all have a lot of fun together.

I will introduce you to a community where people respect each other and give you a chance to make cool English-speaking friends. With your newly acquired skill set, you will form bonds with English-speaking people. What's more than having a sense of belonging? I will do everything I can to help you fall in love with learning English.

You will simply play board games in English with other people and not even realize you are learning. Playing board games regularly and making it a part of your routine will massively improve your English in the long run. With newly gained confidence, you will lose fear to approach people with better English including native speakers. This will benefit your social life and career. You might want to go abroad and this will prepare you for the English-speaking world. How? Because a hobby like this will help you get exposed to real life situations where people use English in an authentic way.