Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the board games course suitable for adults?

Answer : Absolutely. Most participants are adults.

Question: Will you be there with us?

Answer: Definitely. I won't always play because I'll be focusing on helping you with the games and your English.

Question: How are we going to communicate?

Answer: We'll be using Discord. You also need a microphone and camera.

Question: Do I need anything else to join?

Answer: Yes, you'll need Tabletop Simulator, a decent enough computer, and a good Internet connection. You don't need Tabletop for the free session. Email me for more information.

Question: Will you correct my English?

Answer: Yes, but I won't stop the flow of the games. I mostly do corrections in the form of delayed feedback at the end of the class.

Question: Will I learn anything there or is this about just playing games?

Answer: You will learn a lot. Each session has its target language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) and we practise the skills a lot, too. The main focus is of course on speaking.

Question: Can I join if I don't know any games and I have never played board games?

Answer: Of course. I will teach you all the games. They are not too complicated.

Question: What kind of games are we going to play?

Answer: Each of the ten sessions we play is dedicated to a different game. Usually they will be simpler board games that require a lot of speaking in English

Question: Can I join if I'm not so tech-savvy?

Answer: Don't worry, I'll be patient and explain everything to you in videos and during the sessions if necessary.