Kingdoms of Deceit

Kingdoms of Deceit is an epic battle of powerful Kingdoms. In this game you start with a hand of adventurers who shall help you achieve the main objective of the game – to collect 15 experience points. 

“game of infinite possibilities and strategies”
“ultra high replayability”
“highly addictive”
“dozens of abilities, items, spells, quests”

“3-6 players (best in 4-5)”
“90-120 minute game time”
“a sandbox social deduction RPG take that and push your luck game”

In Kingdoms of Deceit, you control up to 3 characters and so do your opponents. All players crave glory but only one can get it and that is why each player is on their own against everyone else. There are plenty of ways to play the game and it is up to you choose which paths you take. Will you rush out into the world to complete quests or will you be more diligent in your studies before venturing forth into the unknown? Will you have no mercy spilling blood and preying on the weak, or will you form alliances and economic pacts? Will you be deceitful or will you choose to play honestly? Only you are the true master of your own destiny. No two games of KoD are alike. At first, you will probably be dazzled by the freedom you have at your disposal in this game, but before you know it, you may find yourself discovering your own unique strategy. 

On your turn, you may perform a number of actions ranging from: buying items, attacking others, stealing from others, fighting monsters, casting spells, completing quests, gaining gold, poisoning others, and seducing others. Lying is its own reward. If you dare, you may take actions of characters you do not have in your hand. Anyone can call you out on your bluff, though, in which case you will be forced to kill one of your own characters out of shame. Lastly, the higher level you are, the stronger most of the actions will be, but the more you become a target. 



KOD COMMUNITY STEAM CHAT (chat of players and playtesters of KOD, public): 

episode 1:

There is an expanded version with a lot of new items, quests, spells, arcane spells, ruler abilities, but mainly “6 more characters” (Necromancer, Paladin, Witch, Scholar, Alchemist, Beggar, and more. In order to download the frequently updated expanded game, you need to add me as a friend on Steam and ask me for it for ask me through the KOD steam chat mentioned above.

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