Teacher Zdenek

My name is Zdenek and I'm an English teacher with 10 years of experience teaching English to teenagers and adults. I've got a Master's degree in English teaching, CELTA, and DELTA (except module 3). I've taught English in the Czech Republic and the UK. For obvious reasons, these days I teach a lot online.

I've got 2 podcasts – one in English called Zdenek’s English Podcast (since 2013) and and one in Czech called Zdeňkův český podcast (started in 2017). I also now have a Youtube channel.

Wherever I end up teaching, I take my board games with me and run a board game club there. As a huge board game fan, I've always been interested in finding ways of implementing board games into English lessons. For the past 4 years I've been working on a board game called Kingdoms of Deceit (started in 2016). You can play the game online on Tabletop Simulator, which is available on Steam. Get in touch with me if you do. I've got a little community of playtesters and I can hook up with a game of KOD.

As a teacher, I tend to be flexible, and I always try to consider my students' needs. My strengths are providing worry-free, effective and fun conversation practice, giving language feedback, and encouraging students to self-study. I like creating my own role plays, and I've made quite few lesson plans based round board games such as Codenames, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Trapwords, and more. Feel free to download some of the activities I created. Get in touch with me if you need my help with English.